groops, without chaos

Enjoy great groop chats, sharing and decisions without the chaos of texting.

Texting one-on-one works nicely. Chaos begins on a group text when someone is added or removed, or if person is not in your Contacts. Then you think... 'who is this person with a phone number I don't recognize?'. Worse is when one person along the thread, adds or removes someone.

Communication Confidence

regroop starts with confidence of who's in the groop and a groop owner to make changes in membership so everyone knows who they're talking to.

Higher Quality

Most texting apps compress pictures and video.  With regroop all media is shared at native device resoluiton.

groop Decisions

groops communicate best when they have tools to make decisions.  Like where to meet, eat or play.

What better looks like

To make something better, we started with the best architecture and challenged everthing to create an app that just works better.

Start for free and add more groops when you're ready
regroop does not compress pictures.  Our proprietary architecture sends pictures natively for the highest quality
No compression when sharing videos for best possible media experience
Inside regroop is our proprietary method to determine the quality of the network and the ability to deliver better pictures and videos